TUSB3410 MAC OSX Virtual COM Port Driver Source Code

These TUSB3410 drivers for the MAC OS X operating systems have not been officially released by Texas Instruments, however unsupported, as-is drivers are available for evaluation use. Please do not contact TI support if you run into any issues. Please provide feedback on the Consumer & Computing Interface Forum.

Also, the drivers were developed for the TUSB3410UARTPDK.  The TUSB3410 is also used by the multipe MSP430 tools as the USB interface, but are not hardware identical.  These MSP430 tools use different USB VID/PID and this may need to be accounted for when you load it on the MAC.  Here is an extract from a customer using the EZ430 and a MAC - they needed the source code to get this to work:
Under Windows OS and using the USBView app (freeware), I first observed that the eZ430-F2013 stick presented itself to the OS as:
Then I obtained the decimal values for each of them:
Then I moved to my Mac platform. These steps MUST be performed in order to properly recognize any TUSB3410 device:
1) Modified the “TIUMPSerial-info.plist” file that comes along with our VCP driver’s source files (see Pic1 attached). For the IOKitPersonalities I used:
        For TIVCP3410:
            bcdDevice = 257
            idProduct = 62512
            idVendor = 1105
        For TIVCP3410Boot:
            bcdDevice = 257
            idProduct = 62512
            idVendor = 1105
2) I recompiled the VCP driver using XCode and the “TIUMPSerial.xcodeproj” included in our source files.
3) I installed the driver using the commands shown in our driver’s documentation.
4) I rebooted the machine with the EZ430 stick plugged in.
5) I opened a terminal session and look for the EZ430 stick in /dev/. There are two instances shown: “cu.TIVCP34103d20” and “tty.TIVCP34103d20”.
6) I opened the IORegistryExplorer and this is how the EZ430 stick is detected.
I tried to do my best explaining how to install/detect any TUSB3410 device using the VCP driver doing proper list edition and driver build

  • Additionally to this post, there's another OIKitPersonality in the "TIUMPSerial-info.plist" file that also need to be modified with your desired VID and PID in order to properly compile the VCP source code and thus your 3410 implemetation can work correctly:

    For TIVCP3410Merge:

          idProduct = 62512

          idVendor = 1105

    Best Regards,

    Ismael Duron

  • Works for me.