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Howdy Houston! TI visits the Mini Maker Faire

With over 80 makers exhibiting their latest projects and DIY inventions, the Houston mini Maker Faire was a great show for the people of the Bayou City. In a city normally known for its oil and gas industry, it was great to see the Maker community alive and well.


In addition to contributing to the Maker community through the LaunchPad ecosystem, the TI Houston site also has a high school mentorship program. The students in this program are learning how to use LaunchPad and Energia to create cool projects. Instead of the LaunchPad team bringing their projects, the students brought their projects to Maker Faire to show off.


Some beautiful old school tube amplifiers even made it to the faire.


There was a ton to see and do, including this crash pad!


R2-D2's cousin even made an appearance.

We had a great time learning about all of the cool projects the Houston Makers brought to the show, and we're excited to see what inventions you'll bring to the next!