Easy-to-use, cost-efficient energy management

Wireless communications for Automated Meter Reading (AMR) promise tremendous time and cost savings for utilities. However, specific challenges exist when selecting and implementing an AMR solution.  Due to certain topology restraints, AMR can be conducted via “drive by” (or “walk by”) reading, where a utility employee literally drives by and collects the data. Therefore, data monitoring and tracking is not continuous – leaving room for error. Without 100 percent coverage, meters may become invisible to the utility, requiring costly revisits, installations, wiring or repeaters. In addition, wireless signals must be able to traverse floors in multi-tenant buildings and high density areas, and support minimum range requirements.

With Virtual Extension’s innovative Diversity Path Mesh™ technology combined with TI smart grid solutions, VE’s wireless mesh network offers 100 percent coverage and allows utilities to realize savings in terms of data collection, theft prevention, remote operation and prepaid services. TI MCU and RF technology help boost performance, minimize cost, reduce board space and speed time to market of VEmesh network applications.

For more information on TI’s smart grid solutions, please visit www.ti.com/metering.

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