Getting Started with Grace for MSP430

Grace is a graphical code generation tool for MSP430 MCUs that simplifies the process of configuring MSP430 peripherals. It is a Code Composer Studio(CCS) plugin that enables developers to visually configure various peripheral modules such as ADCs, DACs, timers, clocks, serial communication interfaces and more, without having to program it bit-by-bit. After going through the GUI configuration, Grace generates easy-to-understand C code, which is directly inserted into your active CCS project. This allows for seamless integration into the MSP430 development and debug process.

To assist during the peripheral configuration process, Grace tooltips offer helpful pop-ups and hints.  Grace also provides Basic, Power User and Register-level view offering different levels of abstraction for setting up peripherals. Since the process is visual it also minimizes configuration conflicts between multiple peripherals.

There are several Grace-enabled example projects available to help jump-start your development process. When creating a new Grace-enabled project in CCS, you can start with one of these templates and modify it for your needs.


It currently supports MSP430F2xx and MSP430G2xx devices, which includes popular tools such as MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPadeZ430-F2013, and eZ430-RF2500.

Grace is currently going through Beta3 period. Give it a try if you haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

To get started with Grace today, please check these links: