Control your embedded system with a custom GUI

GUI Composer is a new, exciting feature that is included in CCS v5.3. The tool allows you to create custom user interfaces by simply dragging and dropping widgets (e.g. buttons, combo boxes, graphs) on to a canvas and then wiring them up to your target application’s variables.  This dedicated application can greatly improve out of box user experience for customers by providing a dedicated desktop application that exposes controls and data visualization that make sense to your embedded system.  Motor control kits, DRV8301-LS31-KIT, DRV8301-RM48-KIT and  DK-LM4F-DRV8312 leverage GUI Composer designed GUIs to simplify how customers interact with these kits. Motor Control GUIs provide controls to operate the motor, information on what controls do and also visualize important parameters, and status of the system.

Another area where custom GUIs would be useful is to create a testing user interface that can be used by non-developer, testers that do not have expertise with full blown integrated development environment like Code Composer Studio.

More information about GUI Composer may be obtained from GUI Composer Wiki:


  • Hi Martin, this looks really neat!

    Is there any way that you could get a camptasia demo/video?

    Also, does this only work with the motor kits today or can it also work with the C2000 LaunchPad?

  • Hi Larissa,

    There is a quick introductory video on the wiki, in the Introduction section. The tool today can be used to create custom GUIs for any device that Code Composer Studio supports through JTAG. Thus it will work for C2000 launchpad. The additional benefit of C2000 is that it supports non-intrusive target access (In CCS it is called Real-time access). Not all devices that CCS supports have this capability.


  • How can we get this GUI Composer ,is it by default coming with CCS ?is it free ware or not,can i use this code composer studio and GUI composer to production or not if  it is licensed means what is the price and how can i get the licence,is there any way to to create custom GUI and that flashing into TI controller using USB