Introducing Arduino TRE

Most powerful Arduino available to date, powered by Texas Instruments Sitara™ AM335x processor
Extending the capabilities of its portfolio, Arduino has selected the Sitara™ AM335x processor to power the newest Arduino board, the Arduino TRE. Leveraging 1 GHz of performance, the Sitara AM335x processor offers up to 100x more performance on the Arduino TRE, compared to the Arduino Leonardo or Uno. The Arduino TRE brings together the existing Leonardo board with the Sitara processor to revolutionize the open source market.  With this combination, you can run full Linux giving your microcontroller more headroom for real-time processing. With the TRE you get the best of both worlds: the real-time control of the microcontroller and the full Linux capabilities of a processor.

The Sitara-processor-powered Arduino TRE serves as a network hub providing flexibility for you to create unique and innovative Internet-of-Things applications including:

  • Gateways for building and lighting automation systems
  • Telemetry hubs that collect data from nearby sensors wirelessly
  • 3D printers
  • And other connected applications that require host control plus real-time operations

 Arduino TRE Technical Specifications


Texas Instruments Sitara AM335x ARM Cortex-A8

Clock Speed 1GHz
Networking Ethernet 10/100 port
USB 1 USB 2.0 device port, 4 USB 2.0 host ports
Video HDMI (1920x1080)
Audio HDMI, stereo analog audio input and output
Digital I/O Pins (3.3V Logic) 12
PWM Channels (3.3V Logic) 4
MicroSD Card


LCD Expansion Connector Yes
CAN on expansion connector Yes


Atmel ATmega32u4
Clock Speed 16MHz
Flash Memory 32KB
Digital I/O Pins (5V Logic) 14
PWM Channels(5V Logic) 7
Analog Input Channels 6 (plus 6 multiplexed on 6 digital pins)

About Arduino
Arduino, the first widespread open source hardware platform, was launched in 2005 to simplify the process of electronic prototyping. It enables everyday people with little or no technical background to build interactive products.

The Arduino ecosystem is a combination of three different elements:

  • A small electronic board manufactured in Italy that makes it easy and affordable to learn to program a microcontroller, a type of tiny computer found inside millions of everyday objects.
  • A free software application used to program the board.
  • A vibrant community, true expression of the enthusiasm powering the project. Every day on the website thousands of people connect with other users, ask for help, engage and contribute to the project.

For more information about Arduino TRE, visit
For more info about the processor that powers the Arduino TRE, visit

Alejandro Erives, Sitara ARM Processors Brand Manager


  • Hi Luiz, thanks for your questions. The Arduino TRE is expected to be available Spring 2014. The pricing will be revealed at that time as well as the ability to buy it. Of course, I will blog about that as well. Stay tuned!

  • What does this board use for a GPU, how does it achieve the 'Video HDMI (1920x1080)'?

  • In the spec page for the AM335X you will find that for graphics the PowerVR SGX 3D Graphics is used.

  • So in other words this is more hot marketing gas from TI?  You don't really have this chip available,  do you??

    Sort of like the Stellaris LM3S chips you made us waste a lot of money on....

    Get on of these in my hands and I'll be a believer again.  Otherwise I don't think its a good idea to advertise fluff.

    -Burned Stellaris User

  • Hi JohnA, thank you for your comment. Rest assured we have taken our anti-gas medicine and the chip that powers the Arduino TRE is readily available. It is the Sitara AM335x processor family. This family of devices is the same one that powers the BeagleBone and the BeagleBone Black - which are also available now. You can find more information about the AM335x family at this page: Take a look and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, again!

  • OK, let's try the Anti-Gas:

    If the chips are available, where are the boards?

    What;'s the guaranteed production schedule on this chip? Inventory ~  Delivery?  What is the 5yr / 10 yr / 15 yr availability plan?  I'm not seeing any of that, unless I'm looking at the wrong place.

    This is what your competitors do,  The Stellaris debacle cost us 100's of thousands of dollars and lost us a lot of credibility with our clients - and we're curious what TI is doing to earn our trust back before we do -any- more designs with TI.

  • Hi JohnA,

    I'm glad to see you have such interest in these devices. As I mentioned previously, Sitara AM335x parts are available now. There are different variants depending on speed, package, graphics and other options. Please take a look at the table here for more info: TI will provide support for AM335x for 10 years, if not longer.

    Since the Arduino TRE is from Arduino and not from TI, it is Arduino's call as to when the board will be available. They have communicated Spring 2014. If you need an AM335x community board sooner than that then I highly encourage you to look at BeagleBone Black: If you want a board from TI then please take a look at the AM335x Starter Kit:

    Thank you!

    Alejandro Erives

  • This is a fantastic development! Seems to me this will be the perfect marriage of the IO power of the Arduino with the processing power of ARM.I hope arduino do the same thing they did to make it easy to interface to the 8 bit microprocessor to the ARM side!

  • Hi so how does the Tre manage 1080p when it looks like it used the same chip as the BeagleBone Black which only manages 720p?

  • Andrew, glad to see you excited about this development. We are as well. Arduino+TI Sitara will be a great thing!

    Tre Bert, All I can say at this point is more details will be provided soon. Stay tuned! :)

  • 2 Question:

    1 - How do the two processors communicate, and at what speed?

    2 - Can the Linux Side run the Arduino IDE and upload sketches to the Arduino side?

  • Looks like a great board for robot control.  It's been added to my watch list.

  • Hi Rell, thanks for your interest. The Arduino Tre is expected to be available in the Spring 2014. At that time more technical details will be released and many questions will be answered. Thank you.