Solving the three most common DDR Challenges

We are happy to have Joe Skazinski, CTO at Kozio, as a guest blogger today. Joe has been in the industry for over 20 years, innovating with embedded software for hardware verification and data storage hardware. Joe is co-founder of Kozio which has helped over 100 companies with their hardware verification challenges. Joe received his B.S. in Computer Science from Michigan Technological University and can be reached at

Whether you have one new board design using DDR2, DDR3 or LPDDR memory, or have you a million devices being built, you always want to know that DDR memory is configured and working perfectly. The three most common challenges are:

  • Finding stable DDR controller settings, and then finding optimal settings.
  • Making sure those settings can take the heat, and the cold, and run for extended periods without intermittent memory failures.
  • Making sure DDR memory on a newly manufactured device is working, completely working.

VTOS DDR™ is a low-cost software product that provides everything you need to configure, verify, and tune the DDR memory on your board design. Provided is pre-built firmware that runs out of on-chip memory, delivering a fast and stable platform for adjusting and tuning DDR and DDR PHY settings. Integrated with the firmware is a task-focused user interface, guiding the user through all steps needed to find optimal DDR settings specific to an SoC, board, and memory part. A proven and advanced set of memory tests allow you to verify new settings in seconds, or kick off long regression tests. When it is time to test a million devices, an API is provided for integration with your favorite test executive.

VTOS DDR comes with a long history of supporting ARM® and TI Sitara™ processors. Since VTOS DRR works with many Sitara references designs, such as the AM437X Evaluation Module and BeagleBone Black, users can reuse DDR configuration data and make minor adjustments tailored to their board design. VTOS DDR for the AM437x works with all board designs using that family of processors, no software development or compilation is required. Use VTOS DDR and gain peace of mind knowing you have comprehensively validated your DDR memory.

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