Four new things you need to know about automotive digital cockpit solutions

If you didn’t catch our digital cockpit solutions enabled by the “Jacinto 6” family of automotive processors showcased at CES 2017, I’d like give you a glimpse into four things that you missed.  

  1. The “Jacinto 6 Entry” DRA71x processor allows automotive OEMs and Tier 1s to create feature-rich infotainment and digital cluster systems for cost-sensitive vehicle models.

  2. The next generation of “Jacinto 6” processors on display at CES built on the “Jacinto 6” DRA74x with added performance, extending the platform and its capabilities upward.

These processors are software compatible with “Jacinto 6” DRA74x and “Jacinto 6 Eco” DRA72x devices, which allows you to scale from entry to premium segments for infotainment, digital cluster, and digital cockpit integration applications.

Check out the videos below showcasing our most compelling automotive demos of the “Jacinto 6” family:

Scalable digital cockpit solutions – for entry-level to luxury lines

This highlights the ability to reuse your software to scale from the entry to premium automotive segments using the “Jacinto 6” family for digital cockpit integration, infotainment and digital cluster applications.

Featured devices: DRA74x, DRA72x, DRA71x