Bluetooth 4.0 is finally here!


I am very happy to announce that Bluetooth 4.0 has now finally been adopted! Thanks to the efforts of dedicated people from many different companies working together, the specification is now done and published (click here for more details). Bluetooth low energy is the hallmark feature of Bluetooth 4.0, and TI is excited to be able to offer both single-mode and dual-mode BLE devices.

On that note, we are also happy to announce that our dual-mode BlueLink, WiLink, and NaviLink devices have all passed the complete (Host and Controller) Bluetooth 4.0 qualification. The CC2540 has passed the Controller qualification.

More details about the dual-mode qualification can be found here.

This is a major milestone in the history of Bluetooth low energy/ULP Bluetooth/Wibree, and lays the groundwork for BLE-based products to appear in the near future.

Have a great summer!