SimpleLink™ MCU SDKs: making time-to-market windows a breeze

Welcome to the latest installment in a series of blog posts that review the major components of SimpleLink™ microcontroller (MCU) software development kits (SDKs). These SDKs feature common components and device-specific middleware that speed time to market and provide a unified development experience across the entire SimpleLink MCU portfolio of wired and wireless devices.

Time-to-market pressures for embedded developers continue to increase. When relying on a semiconductor vendor’s SDK, release schedule predictability is important for keeping your project on time. Updating SimpleLink SDKs quarterly gives you timely access to new features in a predictable cadence. TI just released the third-quarter versions of the SimpleLink SDKs.

Each release undergoes a robust suite of system and compatibility testing to ensure that quality remains high. Release notes on can be accessed via a link on the software download page as shown in Figure 1.  The release notes document what’s new, along with any compatibility or upgrade considerations as shown in Figure 2. The release notes also include online training that offers tips to help you simplify the upgrade process; for example, considerations when working with TI’s Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment (IDE). Online manifests for each SDK release make it easy to understand the associated licensing for all of the included software components.

Figure 1: Release notes link on the software download page

Figure 2: What’s New: upgrade and compatibility information in the release notes

To be automatically notified when a new release becomes available, sign up for email alerts by clicking the Alert Me button on the software download page as highlighted in Figure 3. When a new release is available, you can click the link in the email to view the release notes and decide whether or not to upgrade.

Figure 3: Alert me button on the software download page

I recommend that you upgrade with each quarterly release before freezing your code to ensure that you are building with the most robust and complete SDK for your design. TI Resource Explorer automatically selects the latest release for you. But if you need to access an earlier version, TI Resource Explorer does include an archive of previous releases.   Click on the Package Picker icon highlighted in Figure 4 to select from a list of prior releases.

Figure 4: Package Picker icon in Resource Explorer

Sign up for alerts for SimpleLink SDKs on the below pages and count on quarterly updates as you plan your next connected MCU project. With a predictable, well-documented release rhythm, a streamlined update process and 100 percent application code portability, SimpleLink SDKs make it a breeze to address your time-to-market windows.