Maker's Faire 2012 Recap

It's been almost a week since the annual Bay Area's Makers Faire 2012-- but the residual excitement still remains. 

Makers Faire is sponsored by the O'Reilly media group in conjunction with The Bay Area event is the annual largest gathering of "Makers", whose motto is "Technology on your own time". With well over a hundred exhibitors the event reccorded a whopping 100,000 people for its attendance! 

If you haven't had a chance to take a look at the publication or website, I highly encourage you to do so!

A student at Carniege Mellon University described Make Magazine as the following, "If Popular Science and the Digi-Key Catalogue had a baby and raised it with the fun and geekiness of you would get Make Magazine." Carrying that spirit forward, throw in some booths, people passionate about showing their projects and tools, several thousands of attendees, a knock out of the park line up-- and you are at a Makers Faire.

There was something at the Faire for all levels of experience and all walks--from learning about the basics of electricity, to how to use micro-controllers, or making your own 3d printer, getting your own radio license and much more!

TI hosted our first set of booths at the 2012 Makers Faire. rocked a prime 20x10 booth demoing Beaglebone and BoneScript, Embedded Linux demo from Dr. Mark Yoder, the BeagleWall (featuring six panels of HD streaming controlled by seven BeagleBoard-xm's) and my personal favourite -- the descriptive camera demo from Matt Richardson!
Boris the Beagle made an appearance and even took time to visit with Launchpad! 

MSP430 hosted our second booth-- with Adrian Fernandez (MSP430 Launchpad), Gerard from and Kenneth from Life of Kenneth-  which featured the $4.30 Launchpad and the variety of community supported boosterpacks. Anaren (the 3rd Party that makes the module on the AIR boosterpack) dropped in and showed off some of their >1GHZ and Zigbee Radio modules. 

For more feeling on how the event was, check out some of the other reviews by other attendees: