Blinking Multiple LED's with MSP430 Energia

Now that you know how to blink one LED, what's the next step?
Blinking multiple LED's!

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This post is a follow up from the previous Post- Blinking one LED found here.
(There is a more in depth presentation about detailed set up if you weren't able to do the exercise before, or you can comment and ask questions!).

Blink Multiple LED's
Level: Beginner
Exercises Covered:
Blink 1 LED
Change Pin on Microcontroller for Output
Add LED's to the Blink LED Program

Theory Lessons:
What are Pins (on a Microcontroller)? 
Parts of an Energia Program-Sketch 

What you will need:

Material Previous? Additional
1 MSP-EXP430G2 Board + the USB Cable Buy Here 1
Computer running version of Energia (to install go here): 1
Breadboard (2 x3 ) or larger like this one 1
5mm LED of any Colour (I chose high intensity green and got mine here) 1 + 6 More for a total of 7
Resistor for LED any value under 1K Ohms - (I chose 560 ohms) and got it from a pack like this 1 +6 More for a total of 7
Jumper Wires (depending on your LaunchPad headers). Mine are M/F here are some similar 2 +7 More for a total of 9

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You really don't need to get a whole lot of extra from the previous post.

Concepts Used:
How to Wire Up a Breadboard
How to Wire a Breadboard with an LED
Using Energia Examples

Concepts to Learn:
Wiring more than 1 LED
microcontroller pin out
changing and modifying a program

Getting Started:

-verify you LaunchPad is working.
Plug your LaunchPad into the computer.


**If your LaunchPad is brand new, the LED should blink red and green back and forth.
**If your LaunchPad is from the previous post, then the indicator LED will be lit up (LED2).

Wire up your breadboard.
Connect 1 of the jumper wires from the side of the breadboard you are using - (blue) to the GND terminal on the LaunchPad.
This is providing power the the breadboard.

In the previous post you wired up 1 LED.

2012-10-19 09.28.52

Start with connecting a 560K resistor from the negative column to the row you will be connecting the negative of the LED.
(suggest from the Blue (-) rail one end of the resistor and connect the other end of the resistor to row 3 column c).
Hold up the LED, there is a long leg and a short leg.

borrowed from A Modular Life

orient the LED so the short leg is going into row 3 and the long leg is going to row 2- ( suggest plugging into column e).
Then you will connect the jumper wire. This will be your positive. Connect the jumper wire from the positive of the LED (remember we plugged it into row 2, so you will want to plug the jumper into one of the 4 remaining spots on row 2).

2012-10-19 09.05.43

Normally you would connect the jumper wire to the pin on the LaunchPad, but in this case we're going to leave that last wiring until later.
However, we will use this opportunity to test the LED.

2012-10-19 09.08.07

Take the jumper (with the female end) and touch it to the VCC pin of the LaunchPad. You should see the LED light up.
Keep it disconnected and move to the next LED.