The Geeky Alarm

C.P. Ravikumar, Texas Instruments

You can trust an engineer to invent such a thing as a Geeky Alarm.

Imagine this scene. You have finally decided to call it a day after working on a project late into the night. You have set your alarm clock for 6.00am, reminding yourself that you also need physical exercises, not just the exercises at the end of the chapter for your survival. You are dreaming the sweetest dreams at the bewitching hour when you are rudely awakened by a noise.

Habituated to the snooze button, you frantically look for it, only to see an exercise (!) flashing on your alarm clock – “How many sleep modes are there in MSP430?”

Concerned more about your own sleep mode, you hurriedly answer the question. Assuming you answered it right, you will be asked yet another question from the quiz bank of the alarm, such as “What is the limit of sin(x) / x as x tends to 0?” or “What is the meaning of life?”

The hope is that you are now wide awake.  Mission accomplished.  Geeks rule!

A Geek Preview

Did I wake you up from your reverie?

The Geeky Alarm is one of many creations of Texas Instruments Center for Embedded Product Design at NSIT, Delhi. Prof. Dhananjay Gadre, who directs the Center, conducted an “internship” program for students in the Summer of 2013. You may recall my blog post about this internship program which I wrote in June.

The projects that were kick-started during the Summer of 2013 have germinated, thanks to an excellent rainy season that followed.  We now sort of have a garden of projects.  Prof. Gadre and his students have released a Sneak Preview on YouTube.   I had the privilege to see these projects during my visit to NSIT in August, 2013. It was a Sunday morning, but Prof. Gadre’s lab was brimming with students.  They walked me through the projects enthusiastically.  I wanted to ensure that all our readers can get a chance to enjoy such an “open house” experience as much as I did.  That is how the idea of making a Sneak Preview was born.  You can encourage the students by writing a comment about their projects, either on this blog or on the YouTube video.

Open to Discussion

Talking about “open house” reminds me of two announcements that I must make –

#1.  The doors of CEPD are once again set to open to you, if you wish to undergo a similar internship program in the Winter of 2013.  Planned in December 2013, the enrollments for the Winter Internship at TI CEPD are now open. You must contact Prof. Tarun Rawat of NSIT, Delhi for further details. Write to him at  We will also make a formal announcement on our Event Calendar soon.

#2. Prof. Gadre and his students are open to discussing these projects with you if you are interested to turn them into commercial products.  You may contact Prof. Gadre on e-mail at