TI creates BeagleBone buzz at local school in Germany

Due to its calculator business, the TI brand had already been famous at Secondary School Ergolding, which is using TI’s pocket calculators just like so many educational institutions across the country. However, hardly any of the pupils knew about the approximately 90,000 different kinds of semiconductors the company manufactures for various everyday products.   

What makes the Secondary School so special is its technical orientation and its location close to TI’s European headquarter in Freising. That’s why TI offered to donate 15 BeagleBone boards. The idea was to support the local community as well as the educational ecosystem to help the teachers to gradually introduce their pupils to future technologies and to computers at an early stage.

The pupils at secondary school Ergolding are very interested in technology – in particular those that chose to attend the so-called Mintplus course with director of studies, Dr. Ewald Bichler. As an active member of the STEM initiative that supports and encourages pupils in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, he is very thrilled to be able to familiarize their classes with the latest technology and encourage them to pursue an engineering career in the future.

Both, Dr. Ewald Bichler as well as principal Dr. Klaus Wegmann, are excited by the donation of the mini computers and are looking forward to great projects with their classes. The pupils will present their experience with the BeagleBone boards during an open day in their school’s auditorium.

“Today’s technically interested pupils are possibly our future engineers,” says Dr. Djordje Marinkovic, head of the European University program at TI. “We are very proud to be able to support promising pupils with the BeagleBone boards, which may inspire them to study engineering in well-known local universities e.g. Landshut or HS Munich and TU Munich.”