TI Innovation Challenge India Design Contest 2015 - The First Stop

Travelling via train during a festive season in India is a herculean task. The reservation counters, railway platforms and trains are heavily crowded with people confronting many challenges & travelling thousands of kilometers to reach home.The TI Innovation Challenge (TIIC) India Design Contest (IDC) train received a similar response on September 30th with over 3,100 student teams conquering a lot of technical and non-technical hurdles for submitting the proposal and boarding the TIIC train. We thank all the students and the faculty mentors for submitting a proposal in TIIC IDC 2015. 


The increased traffic

As always, the response to TIIC IDC has exceeded our expectation. We have also received an enthusiastic response from our first time participating select colleges in Sri Lanka.

Few interesting facts about TIIC IDC 2015

  • ~2x increase in college participation across all the regions (North, East, West & South).
  • 74 colleges have submitted >10 proposals to TIIC IDC 2015
  • >2,000 faculty members from 654 colleges have participated as faculty mentors in TIIC IDC 2015                                                                                                               

All the teams who have successfully uploaded their project proposal for the Qualifying Round of the contest are entitled to receive an e-certificate from Texas Instruments India University Program. These certificates will be issued by November 2014. 

 The results

Just as TTE(Train Ticket Examiner) verifies the tickets in a train, our panel of experts sifted through more than 3100 proposals to shortlist the teams for the Quarterfinals. The reviewers paid attention to a number of aspects, such as completeness of the proposal, innovation, usage of TI parts, organization of report etc. 

“I am amazed by the ideas which the students have submitted for the TIIC IDC 2015. The quality of work is evident from in-depth market analysis, which has helped the students to address the root of the problem. With proper guidance and mentorship, a few of them has the potential to become a prominent product in the market,” commented one of the reviewers.

After over a month of rigorous review process, our reviewers were able to select 1,209 teams for the Qualifying Round of the contest. [Refer to the link at the end of the article]. Congratulations to all the shortlisted teams! These shortlisted teams will continue their TIIC Journey and will receive components from TI to realize their idea and convert it into a working prototype.

We thank all the teams who could not make to the next round of the contest for submitting the proposal to TIIC IDC 2015. We hope that writing the proposal itself was a good learning experience. We encourage you to submit a proposal next year and stay connected with TI India University Program either by registering on my.ti.com and by joining us on Facebook!

The journey ahead

We are in the process of procuring TI parts for all the shortlisted teams. These teams will receive their components by second week of December 2014. In the meanwhile, we encourage the  teams to start working on several aspects of the project like design and simulation of circuit diagram; study of datasheets and the EVM user guides, familiarization with the development environment; procurement of non-TI components etc.

There are 300+ online trainings from TI [click here] to help you kick-start with your project.  Further, to help the teams with the technical as well non-technical queries we plan to setup an online forum for the students participating in the TIIC IDC 2015.   

The final submission of the reports and the YouTube video is due on February 16, 2014. These reports and the YouTube video will be reviewed against the quarterfinals evaluation criteria. We have archived the YouTube videos from previous editions of the contest in a playlist here.

Once again congratulations and best of luck to all the shortlisted teams! The journey continues.

Shortlisted teams with team details  [sorted by college name]
  • sir ,thank you for announcing the results . Luckily, my project has been selected for the quarterfinals. I wanted to know about the details of "Opportunity to take part in TI's internship/placement process" ,as mentioned under the "Benefits for students "section.


    vishal poddar


  • Sir,

    We are from Malaviya National Institute of Technology,Jaipur.We had submitted a project on LPG Gas Monitoring System. We want to ensure whether our project was considered or not because in letter of Intent there was a cross by mistake on our project.

    Please reply

    Thank You.

  • @Vishal - Congratulations for being shortlisted for the TIIC IDC 2015 Quarterfinals!

    Students qualifying for the TIIC IDC 2015 Finals will be given an opportunity to participate in TI internship/placement process. These students

    will be informed further at the appropriate time.

    @vatsal - yes, we have received and reviewed the proposal despite the cross on the letter of intent

  • Sir, I feel elated to know that my project got short listed for the quarter finals !! In this regard I would like to thank TI for giving me this opportunity.

    Kindly enlighten me if there is any scope to order some more devices from TI besides the one mentioned in the 'Components request form' inorder to achieve better results.

    Thank yew sir,


  • Thank you TI for giving such great opportunity to learn and express ourselves, Really Thank you.

  • @Nitin - Yes. student teams are free to order to add more devices from TI to improve on the proposed solution. We will ship the requested components by second week of December. However, any new devices which are not present in the submitted list must be directly procured by the team. You can use TI free samples program for procuring them.

  • Sir, I am from Kolkata,we also qualified for the next round. I opened the submission portal and saw option to edit submission. What aspects of the proposal (and to what extent ) can we edit,I am confused as I didnt receive official notice to do so.

  • thank you TI for giving us this opportunity

  • sir i am selected for TI 2015 Contest. When time of First entry for send project proposal only three member in my team. Now My friends also willing to add with me. May I add his name in Second Step Process.

  • @soumya - you are required to edit the submission only for uploading the required documents like participation confirmation letter, interim report, final project report etc. Please do not delete/edit any previous files from your submission.

    @vivek - we will not permit any changes to team composition at this stage of the contest. please do not delete/add any team member while submitting the participation confirmation letter.

  • Thanks a lot for Informing sir, I would have made the mistake of making changes/editing the past submission had you not informed me.

  • @Vaibhav Ostwal Sir, where do we upload the Participation Confirmation Letter, in the CMT webste i haven't found any extra option for the uploading. Should we just re-edit our paper submission and upload the Letter? Because i've seen that the max. no of uploads per paper has increased from 3 to 4. Thank You

  • Sir,I would like to remind to you that the certificates for the TIIC has not yet been mailed to the teams though it was mentioned that we would receive the certificates by November 15.

    Thank you.

  • @vinayak - yes, please edit your submission to upload the participation confirmation letter. please do not modify the previously uploaded documents.

    @sai Gautham - we have started the process of mailing the certificates to all the participating teams. All the teams will receive them latest by November 28, 2014.

  • Sir, by what time will we exactly know about the mentor from our college who will be receiving all the components? Because our team mentor will be on vacation during December.

    Thank You.

    Ajay Agarwal