Students build the kitchen of the future in 33 hours

Imagine the kitchen of the future. Does it include robotic arms preparing a multi-course meal for the family or a stovetop that turns off as soon as fish has been seared? While these innovations may not have arrived quite yet, students that participated in the Future of Cooking Mega Hackathon hosted by FirstBuild cooked up their own products for a smarter kitchen in 33 hours that allow everyone to participate in meal preparation. Check out some of the award-winning innovations.

YOUuniversal Chef

The TI Technology Winner, the YOUuniversal Chef opens up the kitchen for the diverse ergonomic requirements of a variety of chefs including the elderly or those in wheelchairs. The solution is a flat induction stove top that is height-adjustable.

To make this cooking device possible, the team participated in a TI hands-on workshop that taught them how to run the compiler, call API’s, and take advantage of the BeagleBoard  ecosystem. Using this new knowledge, two BeagleBone Blacks, a TI SensorTag, and their ingenuity, the team developed a cook top that was impressive both technically and aesthetically. Key features:

  • Uses a handheld wireless sensor and web API, to lower and raise at the press of a button to fit the chef’s needs.
  • Manages controls for both cook top and range hood
  • Enables existing cooktops to be retro-fitted

YOUniversal Chef takes cooking surfaces to the next level.