TI showcases an in-depth look at never-before-seen technology for motor control, drives and PLC applications at SPS IPC Drives in Germany

Taking the opportunity to unveil three new embedded processors coming to the market in the next year, TI will demonstrate these products in action at the largest industrial show in the world. The target applications include:

  • High-end drives, motor control and PLC and solar applications: These industrial customers can look forward to new C2000™ Delfino™ 32-bit MCU, featuring high performance, dual-core architecture based on the C28x core, control-law-accelerators (CLAs) and rich analog signal chain and analog power management integration. This series will be announced before 2014. Multiple methods of measuring phase current are implemented including TI’s high-performance AMC1204 isolated sigma-delta modulation.

PLC I/O modules are building blocks of industrial control systems. Process-critical signals of up to hundreds of factory nodes come and go through these I/O modules. This translates into requirements that these I/O modules be robust, highly-accurate and help meet stringent industry standards such as IEC 61000, be low power and cost effective. This presents a tremendous challenge to designers in selecting and testing the right components to do the job. As a second PLC demo, TI will preview a new PLC I/O reference design and evaluation platform featuring precision data converters with integrated signal conditioning for the industrial market. Additionally, complete isolated and non-isolated power solutions, digital isolation, interface and protection round out these PLC I/O reference designs. Evaluation platforms implementing TI’s MSP430™ or Tiva™ C series MCUs - complete with a comprehensive performance evaluation GUI helps accelerate this evaluation process and decrease time to market.

  • Motor drives with expanded industrial protocol support: These newest Sitara™ AM4x processors, based on the ARM® Cortex™ -A9 core, running at 1 GHz with a new generation of programmable real-time unit (PRU-ICSS), are successors to the popular Sitara AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 processor platform. The Sitara AM4x processor platform will offer integrated industrial Ethernet communications, motor control peripherals, including position feedback protocols (e.g. EnDAT and sigma delta modulator). They will be optimized for industrial drive applications and formally introduced to the market in 1H 2014. Complementing the Sitara AM3359 processor on the industrial communication engine are the latest industrial PHY transceivers for 10/100 Ethernet, isolated Profibus® RS-485 and isolated CAN interfaces. Other connectivity options include digital input/output (I/O), SPI, UART and JTAG (via USB) for debugging.
  • Industrial HMI interfaces with industrial protocol support: Create fluid, high-resolution HMI interface products with the next-generation Sitara AM5x processors. View the capabilities of the highest performance Sitara processor to date with two ARM Cortex-A15 cores, each running at up to 1.5 GHz, providing high performance at low power. The Sitara AM5x processors integrate key industrial peripherals, along with the PRU-ICSS technology for industrial protocol support. These processors will hit the market in 2H 2014. TI’s interface sensors complete the demo with a low-power high-performance solution that meets all of the requirements of a touch screen display module.
  • Create industrial functional safety designs more easily and quickly: Utilize the latest, production-ready Hercules™ RM4x MCUs in functional safety designs. Developed according to IEC 61508, the international standard for electronics functional safety, these Hercules MCUs are now released to production. Designers can also use other SafeTI™-61508 design package components such as TI’s power management TPS65381, which offers a multi-rail power supply for microcontrollers and the DRV3201 safety motor driver), for safe electric motor drives in industrial applications. All SafeTI-61508 devices are developed according to a development process which has been assessed by TUV SUD to comply with IEC 61508 and provide the necessary functional safety documentation and FIT rate information. The Hitex SafeTI Development Kit, SafeTI Compiler Qualification Kit and SafeTI Diagnostic Library for Hercules can also help make it easier to develop your functional safety application.
  • Industrial sensing solutions speed sensor design cycle with the integrated signal acquisition solutions: At SPS, TI will showcase the industry’s first integrated inductance-to-digital converter, the LDC1000, with a precision position measurement and proximity sensing demo. LDC technology enables engineers to create sensors using low-cost and readily available PCB traces or metal springs. It that can be used to measure the position, motion, or composition of a metal or conductive target, as well as detect the compression, extension or twist of a spring. In addition, TI will also present an RTD temperature sensor transmitter that includes a highly-integrated sensor front end, the LMP90100, an ultra-low power MSP430 microcontroller, and features the new DAC161S997 digital-to-analog converter with integrated 4-20mA current loop driver.  


Stop by and see the new products at the TI booth in Hall #6 at the show! 


  • Nice sounding hardware, obvious questions include:

    1. What is the software support?  Specifically, which chips will have: a)MotionWare or similar b)InstaSPIN-BLDC c)InstaSPIN-FOC d)InstaSPIN-Motion?  (I can assume the Delfino will at least support a) )

    2. What other encoder protocols will the AM4x support?

    3. Are the PRU-ICSS's in the AM4x and AM5x the same?

    4. Will we see a AM5x BeagleBone?



  • Hi Anthony, thanks for your interest. I am from the Sitara processor group and can answer questions 2-4. I'll let someone from the MCU side answer question 1.

    2. What other encoder protocols will the AM4x support?

    Today we’re focusing on EnDAT but we may consider others in the future.

    3. Are the PRU-ICSS's in the AM4x and AM5x the same?

    The PRU-ICSS in AM4x and AM5x are both capable of providing real-time support for multiple industrial protocols and other features.  Therefore, they are very similar.

    4. Will we see a AM5x BeagleBone?

    If there were an AM5x Beagle released, what would you like to see?



  • Anthony,


    1. What is the software support?  Specifically, which chips will have: a)MotionWare or similar b)InstaSPIN-BLDC c)InstaSPIN-FOC d)InstaSPIN-Motion?  (I can assume the Delfino will at least support a) )

    InstaSPIN solutions are primarily supported on our Piccolo line of C2000 MCU/DSPs.  These are lower performance, more integrated solutions for typically higher volume applications.  We are considering expanding support to this new Delfino line, but no committment yet.

  • Some more feedback:

    1.  With EnDAT, the AM4x seems like a perfect chip for Beckhoff, B&R, and such.  I normally specify incremental quadrature encoders; if I ever need an absolute encoder, I'd probably use BiSS.  However, I suspect I'm not typical.

    2. BeagleBone with AM5x -- my opinion would be don't fix what isn't broken.  In other words, keep it pretty much the same, and keep it as compatible as possible with the current capes; the major change I'd like to see is Gigabit Ethernet -- and I think the dual cores would be a big plus over the current BeagleBone (since it should allow fun stuff like Linux on one core, a RTOS on the other).

    3. Piccolo F28069 is already pretty powerful, but there might be applications that could benefit from instaSPIN + more MACs.

  • Hello,

    i'm very interested in the Sitara with it's EnDat support, but on the TI page and the documentation i haven't found any reference about this interface and its support. Is the EnDat protocol already implemented, or is only a modul provided which could be used for the implementation. Will there be any examples for the EnDat protocol and its implementation on the Sitara coming in the next months?

    thank you in advance

  • Good news: looks like we'll be getting not a BeagleBone, but a BeagleBoard-X15 with the AM5872, and from what I've read, it does look very interesting.