Wolverine for Halloween – TI employees celebrate availability of MSP430FR59xx “Wolverine”-based microcontrollers

This year for Halloween, TI MCU employees celebrated the holiday and the availability of the new ultra-low-power MSP430FR59xx microcontrollers (based on TI’s revolutionary “Wolverine” technology platform) by dressing up as Wolverine for Halloween!


TI’s “Wolverine” technology was announced earlier in the year, and the FR59xx family is the first available to feature the technology’s ultra-low-power features, offering the industry’s lowest total power consumption. These FRAM-based microcontrollers slash total power consumption by 50 percent, enabling developers to add flexibility, performance and battery life to their designs geared towards wireless sensing, energy harvesting, smart grid, industrial, consumer, building automation and security applications. Want to learn more about TI’s “Wolverine”-based technology? Check out our benchmarking whitepaper and security whitepaper for more information. Remember, power is more than one number.


MCU employees were so excited about this innovative technology that they held a Wolverine for Halloween costume contest where some dressed up as everything from the classic comic book character to the actual microcontroller chips – complete with cupcakes and all.


Happy Halloween from TI MCUs!