Low Power Orientation Tracker Enabled by IQmathLib

Have you ever worried about your packages being mishandled during shipment? Have you ever been concerned about potential theft of your valuable assets? Have you ever gotten lost, while searching for a room in a large building? Are you shying away from addressing these questions due to cost or power limitations?

Maybe all you need is an MSP430 MCU running a Low Power Orientation Tracker. By combining the MSP430 G2 LaunchPad with CircuitCo's Educational BoosterPack, enables the MSP430 MCU to interface with an accelerometer for regular sampling that can be interpreted as x, y, and z coordinates of gravity. Arc Tangent can then be used to calculate current orientation, including angles for pitch and roll. To cut the cord and switch over to battery operation, the Fuel Tank BoosterPack can be plugged in to the design. If you need to track assets from a central location, a number of wireless BoosterPacks are also available for the LaunchPad ecosystem. The best part is that all of these components are online and you can even build your own variant by using the open source design files.

Using the hardware described above, you could create a low-cost design that can be used to track orientation change across shipments, or in warehouse environments to ensure products are handles properly and only when needed. By excluding additional hardware, such as a gyroscope and using optimized software, this design can remain in low-power modes for the majority of the time. This means potential applications such as indoor navigation are also possible.