Download TINA-TI 9.1, now up to 5X faster and available in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Russian

A major update of TINA-TI is now available for download. Version 9.1 includes new features requested by you, including 565 TI models.
This version of TINA TI offers:
  • Up to 5X speed increases over version 7.0 making power design and simulation much faster.
  • The same look and feel as in previous versions of TINA-TI.
  • Supports SPICE models from any source.
  • WAV files as stimulus (signal source), can play calculated waveforms on PC's multimedia system, and export calculated waveforms as a *.wav file.
  • Block Diagram Wizard
  • English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Russian versions now available.
Visit to download and try out the new version.

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*Edit: Added WEBENCH which joined TINA-TI in the ranks of stellar design tools on in 2012