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3-W boost converter integrated solution

The rapid increase of processors power requirements in portable consumer applications has forced additional companion chips to the PMICs. The ever-increasing feature-set that tablets and handsets must support, like 3D cameras, haptics, DLP® projectors and other functions, place increasing pressure on how designers optimize the total available space on the board. The PCB size limitation challenges designers to solve this design puzzle through innovative design methods and smaller packages.

TI recently introduced its latest boost converter in the highly integrated MicroSiP™ system-in-package technology, integrating IC and passive components in a single device. The TPS81256 is the newest addition to the MicroSiP family. The device keeps a low profile by embedding the converter IC in the PCB in a Picostar™ package with the passives mounted on top. Footprint can be as small as 7.5mm2.


This modular approach eases designers’ works by providing a fully integrated solution for DC/DC conversion. To the designer, this module could act as a black box with only the input voltage, output voltage and the output current as required parameters. There is no need for selection of passives, which reduces the layout efforts when dealing with high frequency switching regulators. Check “Design Summary” for details

TPS81256, a 3W boost converter provides a drop-in solution for applications like USB-OTG (Figure 1) or Class-D audio amplifiers (Figure 2), among others.


Figure 1

Figure 1


Figure 2

Figure 2

The 4-MHz, 600-mA TPS81256 module supports a 5-V output. With a supply current of 43 µA during light load operation, the device can achieve power efficiency greater than 90% over a wide load range. The device features excellent line/load regulation as well as great load transient response, as we can see in figure 3. Click here to see a dynamic representation of the load transient response vs. the input voltage.


Figure 3

Combined Line/Load Transient Response

For more information on the 3-W boost converter integrated solution refer to TPS81256

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