Anybody got tools?

So, you have selected your snappy new multicore device and are ready to start development. What’s next?  Fire up your tool suite and get coding right? Not so fast. Did you really take the time to make tools part of the evaluation process? I hope so because tools will have a huge impact on achieving your development goals in terms of time to market and product quality.  That snappy device won’t look so good if your development team is hamstrung by clunky tools.

TI’s multicore tools build on the renowned Code Composer Studio development environment adding extensions for KeyStone multicore devices. There is a lot to love here.  First, our multicore tools are Eclipse based so they are part of a fully extensible development platform.  Second, they tackle the really tough parts of heterogeneous multicore development by providing integrated support for both DSP/VSP and ARM cores. Finally TI’s tools provide extensive debug and tracing support for both pre and post product launch. In the lab or in the field your product will have powerful debug support.

Check out TI’s multicore tools here:

  • Tools play in mportant role in a development program's success.   PolyCore Software is working with TI to provide Poly-Platform which is a development framework, consisting of tools and runtime software, providing a program model for the application to scale from one to many cores.  Poly-Platform is integrated with CCS and DSP BIOS for seamless development environment   The framework enables the developer to quickly run the application for TI multicore architectures

  • Tools are extremely important and are part of why a fully functioning and well laid out reference design/EVM are so important.

    If someone can take an EVM out of the box and get going quickly then they'll pretty much buy your parts/software.

  • Do you know something about Russian development tool for DSP? It's called MexBIOS Development Studio.