MSP430™ MCUs with Timer_D enable higher sensitivity and faster capacitive touch detection.

One of the challenges in designing capacitive touch applications is the measurement of a very small change in capacitance between “touch” and “no touch” states.  The new Timer_D peripheral in our MSP430™ ultra-low-power microcontrollers has a 4nsec resolution and offers faster response time with high sensitivity in ultra-low power capacitive button, slider and wheel applications.

Timer_D allows designers to develop advanced capacitive touch applications, such as two dimensional touch pads and multi-touch interfaces. Furthermore, the higher sensitivity allows for up to 1mm thick insulation overlays on touch sensors. Timer_D peripheral is now available on MSP430F51x1 and MSP43051x2 devices.


  Measurement of a Relaxation Oscillator waveform: Timer D vs Timer A
Timer D Key Features:

·         Upto 256 MHz timer clock frequency (4 ns time period)

·         Single and Dual Capture modes

·         Ability to synchronize multiple timer instances

·         Ability to synchronize loading of compare registers.

·         Integrated TEC (Timer Event Control) to enable timer control via external signals

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