A Better way to Cloud – It’s here today!

It is always exciting to be part of a new product announcement, unveiling to the public, discussing with media and analysts the new features, functions and applications that the new product enables.  As you may know, we recently announced a new family of products that are optimized for high performance, low power cloud processing.  Well it is equally delightful to see customers leveraging our devices for their new products and services.  And we are happy to announce that it is just what one of our customers has done! 

As a cloud supercomputing provider (among cloud services), the Nimbix Accelerated Compute Cloud (NACC) has recently leveraged the TI KeyStone multicore DSPs to provide accelerated video processing services.  As a cloud service provider, Nimbix epitomizes high performance, low power cloud computing.  As a customer of TI KeyStone multicore SoCs, Nimbix demonstrated the simplicity and ease of use of the KeyStone tools.  By leveraging the TCIxx EVM and the Code Composer studio development tools, Nimbix was able to bring up their solution within two weeks time!

High performance computing users regularly ponder what they could achieve if they could only compute faster, in real time, perhaps new applications with the same resources perhaps emergency alerts in time to save lives.  Similarly they wish for more compute power in the same power/space footprint.  Enabling accelerated performance using the lowest power solution available provides double bang for the buck, and we are seeing that it is just what our KeyStone multicore SoCs are enabling.

And, how fitting is it that this month’s twelve months of multicore application of the month is High Performance Computing (HPC), so stay tuned, we have more to come!  In the meantime, you can check out this Ask the Expert video on high performance computing and I invite you to let us know what high performance computing and/or cloud computing applications would you like to see accelerated?