A closer look at the MSP430FR5969 FRAM LaunchPad Kit

Over the past couple weeks you may have heard rumblings about the new MSP430FR59x microcontrollers (MCUs) now available from Texas Instruments. These are the lowest-power microcontrollers in the world and offer a whole host of integrated analog and digital peripherals ranging from a 12-bit differential ADC to an AES hardware accelerator. Plus, these devices are enabled by EnergyTrace++ technology that is revolutionizing the way developers handle power debugging by offering current profiles from nA to mA and including details about both CPU and peripheral states. So the question is...have you heard of the new MSP430 FRAM LaunchPad Development Kit that can get your design off the ground today? The MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad (MSP-EXP430FR5969) is here and you can own it today for just $24!

So what makes this LaunchPad different?

The Hardware:

The MSP-EXP430FR5969 brings the exciting new features of the MSP430FR5969 into the LaunchPad ecosystem. This means lower power consumption (at 100uA/MHz active and 450nA standby with RTC), more peripherals to explore and EnergyTrace+[CPU States]+[Peripheral States] to bring power profiling/debugging to the next level. On top of that this is the first  LaunchPad to add non-volatile FRAM memory technology. This means simplified data handling, improved speed and power consumption of write operations, and drastically increased write endurance by leveraging what I like to call, the "FRAM advantage." Plus, with a 100mF capacitor, this LaunchPad doesn't just require a small power source, it can operate without one. You heard right, with this LaunchPad no batteries required!

The Software: