Take control of your LaunchPad sensor data with Temboo Streaming

By: Vaughn Shinall, head of product outreach, Temboo

Have you ever wanted an easy way to store sensor data that you’ve been tracking from a LaunchPad application you’ve built? Temboo just released a new IoT feature called Streaming that lets you do just that--now, you can quickly connect your LaunchPad to the cloud data storage and management platform of your choice. To see Streaming in action, check out this quick demo video of building a data-logging app with the SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 LaunchPad. The CC3200 LaunchPad is an easy to use development kit based on a single-chip Wi-Fi MCU, allowing developers to quickly create connected, production-ready Streaming apps that collect, store and process all sorts of sensor data.