TI to acquire National

TI and National customers: What’s in it for you?

I hope you have seen our news today that TI has signed an agreement to acquire National Semiconductor. As the leader of TI’s Analog business, I’m really excited about what this will mean for TI and National, but I am just as excited about what I believe this marriage of two leading analog suppliers will mean for our customers. It will mean a lot – more product options, more extensive sales and applications network, and manufacturing capacity to support your growth.

First of all, we want you to know you will be able to find the parts from National that you have come to rely on and you will not have to go to a lot of extra work requalifying products from different manufacturing plants. Our goal is a seamless, hassle-free merger for the customer. We will continue to use National’s fabs so no requalification will be required. Part numbers from both companies will remain the same so you can continue finding the products you need. And with TI’s obsolescence policy you can rest assured that we will continue to supply the parts you need as long as you need them.

When you are designing the analog portion of a system you often look first for the ICs with the right specifications to match the application requirements. And with the combination of National’s 12,000 and TI’s 30,000 analog products, you will have an excellent portfolio to suit your specific requirements. We’ll support that with best-in-class online tools, and you will find it easier than ever before to select the right devices and design them into your system.

TI over the years has built an industry-leading sales and applications force, and we are looking forward to having the talented sales and applications teams from both companies join up. Together, we will be able to partner with customers to solve system-level design challenges in motor designs, battery management, LED lighting, mobile applications, you name it.

Manufacturing capacity continues to be constrained in the semiconductor industry, and TI has opened new fabs and expanded our manufacturing presence around the world over the past couple of years. Joining our manufacturing resources with National’s is going to give us significant headroom to support your growth and help you deliver the end equipment that will help you win in your markets.

Thanks for reading. You may have some more questions, and we will bring updates from time to time through this blog and answer questions we’re hearing from customers over the next several months. We’d love to hear your comments or questions.

  • Both companies have excellent websites with different areas of strength. How will these be merged if the two product portfolios will be allowed to exist in parallel? Actually if some will look for a SMPS product will they have to check in two sites? It seems like an interesting subject to tackle.

  • Thanks for the comment Serban. Details will be worked out, and after the close we will transition to a single web presence keeping ease of use for customers as our top priority.

  • i am sure this is not a merging process this sutiation is as if big fish eats small one. acquiring of national by ti will not get more benefits for already customers of national. Nationals design and sample support available for a lot of country will not continue incase this acquiring.Also we did not see any improvements after acquiring of luminary micro. For example ti could not expand its Foc control library for bldc motor control portfolio.

    we will miss national semi...

  • This means, price will go up ( less competition) and options will go down as TI will not maintain two R&D facility. And of course the jobs cuts which i think in already in process of happening.

  • Hi, Terzi,

    @Desh, thanks. TI and National are operating as separate companies until the merger is completed. Then, employees of National at that time will become TI employees. We believe that National’s technology and talent will help us grow, so we’re excited about adding National’s 12K products to TI’s and joining National’s product, engineering, manufacturing and sales teams to the TI team. TI leaders have said publicly that at some point after the deal closes, there will be some redundancies in some corporate staff areas, which will be identified and communicated quickly after close. We plan to keep, run and invest in National sites around the world. The sales offices/design centers will join TI’s global network of 120, which will extend our ability to design innovative new products, as well as reach and support customers.