Across the smart grid application spectrum, TI supports every stage of the design process, from device selection and software development to tools and system solutions. Meet the experts here.
    • Nov 21, 2014

    TI Designs for power line communications achieve certification from G3-PLC Alliance

    Four TI Designs created by the Smart Grid & Energy team at TI were recently awarded Platform Certification status by the G3-PLC Alliance. The TI solutions for G3-PLC were among the very first to achieve this status since the G3-PLC Alliance opened certification testing on September 1. These TI Designs combine both Analog and Embedded Processing...
    • Nov 4, 2014

    Lighting up TI’s solar power delivery and charging solutions

    Harnessing the sun’s energy has been on the rise over the past few decades, and the technology is finally at point where it can start to proliferate to homes and emerging markets. While the solar market in the developed countries is expected to grow at a modest pace from 30GW to 40GW installed capacity over the next 10 years, the growth in the...
    • Sep 25, 2014

    What are the experts saying about TI's reference design for Self / Dual-Powered Supply for Relays and Circuit Breakers?

    Mission-critical equipment on the worldwide energy grid is just one power fault away from damage or failure! Relays and circuit breakers can make the difference between reliable protection and expensive repairs on equipment sitting down the line... and according to this article, TI has a reference design to help designers enable their systems and overcome...
    • Sep 17, 2014

    Take a journey through a smart city of the future

    Imagine a city where traffic lights intelligently adjust their timing with traffic load, people make their way around in semi-autonomous vehicles, and lights intensity adjusts with commuter needs as city unwinds into the evening. Learn how TI Innovations will help guide the future >
    • Aug 28, 2014

    Get your Flow Meter designs flowing with the world’s lowest-power MCUs from Texas Instruments

    Expanding on TI’s leadership in smart metering technology , we’ve recently released a series of FRAM-based microcontrollers that enhance the operational efficiency of utility flow meters systems for gas, water and heat metering. The MSP430FR69x microcontrollers enable ultra-low-power consumption of 100uA/MHz in active mode current, and 450...
    • Jun 6, 2014

    New article explains how MCUs ease solar micro inverter design

    Welcome to another blog post in celebration of #OnTheGrid week! This blog post takes a look at the design of solar micro inverters—an emerging segment of the solar power industry and an increasingly reliable and efficient way to get power “on the grid.” Rather than linking all solar panels in a solar installation through a central...
    • Jun 4, 2014

    Engineering a smarter energy grid

    Establishing a smart grid is critical for the future of our energy supplies. Grid inefficiencies, aging infrastructure, and damaged systems across the globe are causing us to lose energy. TI created a Smart Grid and Energy solutions team to help solve these problems; our experts develop and refine measurement and communication technologies to ensure...
    • May 15, 2014

    To micro or not to micro? Three main benefits of solar micro inverters for the smart grid

    The goal of the smart grid is to improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity. It’s therefore no surprise that smart grid efforts have extended to renewable energy in recent years to further enhance sustainability, encompassing such technology as energy harvesting and solar power. ...
    • May 14, 2014

    Why we need a smart grid - Now.

    Our friends over on TI's Think.Innovate. blog recently asked Markus Staeblein, General Manager of our Smart Grid and Energy solutions team, to discuss why the future depends on a smart electricity grid. Wind and solar are some of the newer components used for powering our grid. Individually, they are each inventions that help make our world “greener...
    • May 8, 2014

    A smarter grid with the Internet of Things

    As we take a broad look at the Internet of Things (IoT) this week, I wanted to take a deeper look at how the IoT will deliver a smarter grid (and visa versa) to enable more information and connectivity throughout the infrastructure and to homes. Through the IoT, consumers, manufacturers and utility providers will uncover new ways to manage devices and...