Kim Smith: Committed to doing the right thing

Updated 12-11-2015: At the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) Women of Excellence Awards breakfast this morning, Kim Smith was recognized as one of 14 women who are, “breaking barriers, overcoming obstacles, achieving heights and helping others succeed.” Kim was recognized as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) influencer for her tenure as the chair of our Women’s Diversity Network, partnership with the Girl Scouts of America, volunteerism with STEM exploration camps and her work with Big Brothers and Sisters, Girls. Inc. and a women’s crisis shelter. The website Working Mother said, “NAFE is in awe of her outstanding achievements in building the force of women in STEM.”

TI AvatarTIer Kim Smith lives in the eye of a hurricane.

Swirling around her are the demands of a high-profile, white-knuckles job as director of globalization and company-level digital marketing (think long hours, lots of overseas travel and multiple high-stakes projects crucial to TI’s business success).

Also in the mix are the many passions she holds dear − helping women succeed in the workplace, fighting for the rights of underprivileged children, promoting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, and pursuing her love of running.

Yet amid it all, Kim remains calm and focused as she lives out the ideals on which TI was founded.

Advocate for diversity

For years, she has worked to help foster an inclusive environment here, serving for a time as head of TI’s Diversity Network and for many years as chair of the TI Women’s Initiative. She is also passionate about helping girls and women outside of TI.

She has encouraged women TIers to volunteer as mentors to high school girls during University of Texas at Dallas summer STEM exploration camps.

Not only that, but she has volunteered countless hours working through Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas to boost the scale and scope of its STEM programming for girls.

In 2012, Kim helped launch the TI STEM Girl Scout patch in collaboration with Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas (GSNETX). To date, more than 5,000 girls have earned the patch by becoming more STEM literate and growing their awareness of what engineers do.

“Whether it’s leading her business team, the TI WIN initiative, or in external leadership roles, Kim always strives to create an environment where each and every person is heard and able to give their very best,” said Sam Dwinell, vice president, Talent Management. 

“As a result of her hard work and leadership, TI WIN is expanding around the world and helping to make a difference for women across TI.”

Reaching beyond herself

Kim’s varied community work – for which she won a 2014 TI Founders Award − embodies the commitment to others that our company founders exemplified.

She has helped put many girls on the path to success through being a Big Sister in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.

For instance, she has encouraged her current little sister, a high school student in Dallas, to pursue the ROTC program as a way to further her education and perhaps carve out a career in the military.

Kim has also volunteered at the Women’s Crisis Shelter in Dallas helping women flee abusive relationships and empower themselves to move forward into more productive lives.

“We believe it takes investment plus involvement to truly make an impact. Kim exemplifies this by combining her passion, purpose and skills to make a difference in girls’ and womens’ lives,” said Trisha Cunningham, Chief Citizenship Officer.

“That’s the sweet spot for employees that want to get involved in the community – volunteer, find what you love, do it well and see the results.”

Helping TI execute

And on top of everything, Kim is always pushing toward the next great innovation.

For instance, she plays a key role in improving our writing for a global audience on and aligning our strategy for social channels outside of the United States.

Her team also is working to increase university students’ preference for TI by maximizing tools for the university mass market through improvements on The team also is working to improve customer access to Quality information on and the Quality website.

Kim is also instrumental in making sure TI customers have a consistent experience on About TI sites on

“Kim brings the same passion to as she applies in her work in the community. Her role with the Central Digital Marketing team is critical to our company,” said Dave Youngblood, vice president, Internet Marketing. “She provides a voice and ear to our counterparts all over the globe, and is constantly evolving our Web presence in countries outside of the United States.”

Putting people first

Because she has seen hardship in the community, Kim has been better able to put situations into perspective, she said.

“My experience as a volunteer has made me calmer,” she said. “As a result, I’m able to confidently tell people at work that together we will be able to find solutions to complex business issues.”

At the heart of Kim’s commitment to TI and the wider world is relationship.

“I want to have direct contact with people and make a difference in someone’s life,” Kim said. “People matter to me.”

  • hi, great words but action falls short.  I am a long time customer of TI, like the innovative IC's.

    but documentation and webench tools are terrible.

    example:  LM5122, LM5122-Q1, and LM25112 have the same exact wrong graphs, fig 1-5.  errors are extremely EMBARASSING to CEO and TI marketing.

    example:  many webench errors pointed out by myself and others, but nothing changes in over 6  months.

    this really hurts TI sales.  ONsemi, Diodes INc, and others are much better.  I'm staying with TI chips, but designing is arduous, half-baked, frustrating, and often just cannot get accurate info.


    TI Core values

    Our core values of integrity, innovation and commitment are woven throughout the fabric of our history. These values lay the foundation for our culture and lie at the heart of who we are and how we behave.

    Integrity is the cornerstone.   broad term, but lack of caring means NO INTEGRITY

    Innovation is our lifeblood.  yes!

    Commitment is our promise.   NOT!

    NOT SO.  classic case of writing the great words, and not doing it.