A battery driver you can count on to keep you going

When that fancy new drone of yours is busy capturing 4K ultra-high-definition video 2,000 feet in the air, the last thing you want to worry about is whether it has enough “juice” to finish your new YouTube masterpiece or land safely.

TI AvatarWe’ve got your back – a solution that minimizes power drain, voltage spikes and overheating in motor-driven devices.

“We depend on the batteries in these expensive gadgets to be reliable and keep their charge for as long as possible,” said Allen Chen, product marketing and applications manager. “You don’t want to be flying that drone over a lake and suddenly have to put on your scuba gear just to get it back.”

The same reliability is needed for electric scooters and other light, electric-mobility vehicles, robotics and cordless vacuum cleaners. The hefty battery packs in these devices often have huge transient swings that can cause battery voltages to jump up to 200 percent above their normal range. The packs also face a variety of abuse conditions, such as overcharging and overheating.

To help solve these challenges, this week we unveiled the bq76200 field-effect transistor (FET) – a battery pack front-end driver aimed at portable industrial systems and other products that may at times see up to 100 volts. The bq76200 comes in a single chip that controls both charging and discharging while consuming very low power.

“The bq76200 is designed for today’s modern industrial demands. It’s incredibly robust,” Allen said. “Unlike today’s existing low-side drivers, a high-side battery driver like the bq76200 ensures the system can constantly communicate with monitors or fuel gauges inside the battery, which goes a long way towards preventing any potential mishaps from occurring.”

The bq76200 also is a great fit for applications, such as portable medical and industrial systems and other cordless applications. In portable medical applications, it’s especially important to keep system noise down, and bq76200’s high-side drive ensures that the battery won’t contribute any interference.

Charging your product with a single battery pack

For engineers, this advanced high-voltage solution offers advanced protection FET drive and control, suitable for a range of application voltages from a small 18V cordless drill to 100V energy storage systems. It can greatly enhance a battery design and also complements our battery management products such as the bq76940 family and the bq78350-R1 companion fuel gauge. See the datasheet.

“It offers you a clear path to design low-power, flexible battery management solutions that are always communicating,” Allen said. “Best of all, in a single battery pack, we have the opportunity to now offer a comprehensive chipset solution, including this driver, our battery monitor, fuel gauge, companion NexFETs and more.”

The bq76200 is available in the TI Store and through the company’s authorized distribution network. The driver is packaged in a 16-pin TSSOP package and is priced at $1.69 USD in 1,000-unit quantities.

Read our blog to learn more about the bq76200, “Big batteries? Take a walk on the (high) side.” Also, watch these videos: TI’s bq76200 100V Battery High-Side FET Driver and Introduction to the bq76200.