MSP430™ MCU, I heart you: How a community of innovators has formed around these little microcontrollers

Tweet from @MorgynRaeIt’s not every day that a development board gets a marriage proposal. But when it comes to the MSP430™ MCU LaunchPad™ development kit, it’s just another day in the life of this little red rectangle of possibility that’s captured the hearts of makers everywhere.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating #MSP430Love and honoring all the students, makers, hobbyists – all the engineers the world over – who’ve used our little MCU or its development kit – the MSP430 LaunchPad kit – to learn, to build, to innovate.

The tale of love for MSP430 microcontrollers (MCUs) began – and flourished – on the internet. It all began with engineers going to the World Wide Web to get information and share ideas about designing and developing with our MSP430 ultra-low power MCU. From thousands of forum posts on our E2E (engineer-to-engineer) Community to videos about different designs to an entire website dedicated to the MCU, love was in the air.

For students, the flexibility and accessibility of the MSP430 MCU makes it ideal for engineering education. For makers, it’s at the heart of a host of DIY projects – from homemade 3D printers to LED light applications to robotic arms.

For instance, at a recent Maker Faire, one hobbyist used the MSP430 LaunchPad kit to make a robotic arm that, using a web interface, allowed users to paint on a computer, which the robotic arm could mirror on a separate paper.