Smart cities never sleep: The future of advanced urban technologies

This multimedia edition of Chief Technologist Ahmad Bahai's quarterly Tech Trends column features an interactive graphic and podcast. Click on the interactive boxes within the graphic to hear his insights.

Take an interactive tour of a smart city more than 10 years into future and explore some key technologies that will enable these next-generation urban landscapes. Cities already rely on networks for traffic control, energy, communications and myriad other services. Smart cities of the future will integrate and augment these networks to improve operations, save money and conserve energy.

The same sensing, signal conditioning, communications and embedded processing technologies that enable smart homes and factories will help connect and automate cities in groundbreaking ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago.

For more about the future of smart cities and the technologies enabling them, download our Smart Cities white paper.

We are creating both the technologies and the designs to enable smart cities of the future. Here are a few of our smart city-related reference designs:

Drones: Our Sensorless High-Speed FOC Reference Design for Drone Electronic Speed Control will help designers engineer drones with longer flight times, higher dynamic behavior and smoother, more stable performance.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging: Our Wi-Fi-Enabled Electronic Vehicle Service Equipment Reference Design can help designers easily integrate smart charging solutions. It includes our CC3100 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® wireless network processor for highly embedded devices like EV supply equipment to easily connect to a wireless network or device. By integrating Wi-Fi and network processing, the design enables remote-power monitoring and control of the charging state of the connected EV.

Traffic monitoring: This Traffic Monitoring Object Detection and Tracking Reference Design Using mmWave radar sensing technology is designed to help developers build systems for long-range sensing and traffic monitoring and other applications. The reference design demonstrates environmentally robust object detection, clustering and tracking, locating objects in a 90- to 100-degree field of view.

  • I follow your blogs religiously from National days sir. Thank you  for this informative blog. Sky has no limit. My dream, Dr.Bahai is  in the use of technology to help farmers create healthly food products. Create FarmBots to be used in the farms, makes lives easier for the farmers who is the behind the core NECESSITY of human beings - food. In my opinion, as seen in the "smart city", comfort is desirable, but I need food before I can enjoy all the above mentioned.