Take a 360-degree tour inside Kilby Labs

Kilby Labs, our technology research center, is the incubator for many of the world-changing technologies you see in our products today. Named for Jack Kilby, who unveiled the first working integrated circuit at our company on Sept. 12, 1958, Kilby Labs has locations around the world.


Today, in honor of Jack Kilby Day at our company, we invite you to visit Kilby Labs in Dallas – virtually. We invite you to take a 360-degree tour around the lab and hear from some leading innovators about a few of the technologies that began as mere ideas and are now shaping technologies you use every day.


To take the 360 tour:

  • For best results and faster load time, ensure no browser tabs are open.
  • Click on the image below, and you will be taken to a landing page.
  • Use your cursor (click and hold it down) to pan around to see the entire lab.
  • You will find five interactive photos in the lab containing our technology.
  • Click on each one, starting with our chief technologist Ahmad Bahai’s welcome.
  • You will see the technology and a brief video from one of our innovators.

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