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  • DLP 4K UHD technology on display in Hisense keynote: Dave Duncan, Business Unit Manager for the DLP Products® Enterprise and Cinema Display organization spoke about advances in DLP 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) technology during the Hisense keynote at CES on Jan. 8. Read more about the DLP technology that enables 4K UHD laser TVs to project crisp images up to 100 inches on a variety of surfaces.

  • New high-resolution DLP® technology brings new capabilities to headlight systems: Our company introduced state-of-the-art DLP® technology for high-resolution headlight systems that exceeds the resolution of existing adaptive-driving beam technologies by more than 10,000 times. The new technology, which was announced at CES on Jan. 9, is the only offering on the market that combines full programmability and the highest resolution – more than 1 million addressable pixels per headlight. Read our announcement for more information.
  • TI customers showcase new technology at CES: Our customers unveiled several new solutions in the opening days of CES. From the new Benchmark® 4.0 biometric sensor system from Valencell featuring our analog front-end technology to the breakthrough 4K ultra-high definition laser TVs from Hisense featuring our DLP® 4K UHD chipset, our customers are showing new and innovative solutions throughout the week. Also featured at CES: WiTricity’s electric vehicle wireless charging solution leveraging our C2000TM MCUs, the DigiLens MonoHUD augmented reality (AR) helmet featuring DLP® Pico™ technology, and a miniature high-performance optical light engine for augmented reality created by Coretronic using our DLP® Products technology. Stay tuned for more updates from CES. 

  • Stay tuned to our official Facebook page all week for live updates from the show. We’re talking in-depth about the latest tech driving the automotive industry and new features emerging for smart automation in homes, buildings and factories. Watch our experts weigh in on the biggest trends at CES, what they mean for developers, and how it will all impact the next generation of consumer electronics and automotive systems.

Many aspects of our world – the cars we drive, the factories we rely on to manufacture products, the homes where we live, the offices where we work, our cities – are getting more automated and more intelligent every day.

And the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a great place to check out the cutting-edge technologies from our company that are enabling and accelerating this wave of innovation. Visit our company at CES Jan. 9-12 in rooms N115-N117 in the North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center to see what’s next:

Advanced automotive systems: Check out technologies enabling an immersive driving experience, including sensing, intelligence and control for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), complex body electronics systems, and more efficient electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. Experience what’s next for ADAS based on Jacinto™ TDAx processors, mmWave radar sensors and connected car-access systems using our wireless technology. 

Next-generation infotainment and cluster systems are creating interactive experiences through integrated informational, entertainment and multimedia functions. See what’s next for digital cockpits, DLP® technology for automotive, driver monitoring and hands-free control.

Smart automation: Get an in-depth view of some of the technologies that are helping to revolutionize automated systems in buildings, including our homes, offices and factories. We will feature sensors for occupancy detection, high-definition smart-home solutions and scalable SimpleLink™ microcontrollers.

Displays: From augmented reality to 3D scanning and 4K displays, our company’s DLP technology is transforming consumer electronics. Discover what’s next in high-definition displays, portable displays and mobile head-up displays (HUDs) in person.

We hope to see you at CES Jan. 9-12. If you’re not attending in person, follow this blog for real-time updates and monitor us on social media for the latest:

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