Dan Rembold’s problem-solving skills put him on the road to cancer recovery

Dan Rembold had 72 hours left to live. And he didn't know it yet.

It was January 2017. He'd been facing down a high fever for nearly two weeks and was also preparing to take leadership of three new teams at our company. He'd been diligently documenting his symptoms and his conversations with multiple doctors, hoping to get to the bottom of his mysterious illness.

"I eventually started to realize that this was more than the flu, but I had no idea what to expect," he said. After a battery of tests at an emergency room in Dallas, Dan got his answer. He had acute myeloid leukemia (AML) - an aggressive and deadly blood cancer - and his case was so advanced that his organs were starting to shut down. He would have died within a matter of days without treatment.

"Obviously, that's a tough diagnosis, but initially I was just relieved to know what it was," he said. "Engineers want to dissect the problem so we can come up with a solution. So my first reaction was to learn as much as possible so I could help my doctor get to the root of the problem."