Helping you Choose the Right Processor for your Application

As the DSP Internet Marketing Manager its my job to provide you with the easiest, most logical way to get the information that you are looking for.  To do this we rely on a variety of analytical tools to assess click paths, searches etc. but also try to take direct feedback on ways we need to improve.  Narrowing down processor options can be a time consuming task, particularly when you look at the TI portfolio.  We have received feedback that a simple clickable tool would help speed the process of narrowing down the choices.  As a result we recently introduced the Applications Processor and DSP Selection Tool and the MCU Selection Tool.

These tools let you quickly click on a variety of parameters such as memory, speed, peripherals, operating system, available codecs and more to pinpoint which processors you should evaluate to meet your design requirements.  Here's where I need your feedback; how are we doing?  What other parameters are needed - should we lead with end equipment, should software play a greater role, what about power consumption?  I dont expect this tool to be everything and a bag of chips when you use it but give me a shout about ways to improve it.  I'm off on holiday for a few days so mess around with it a bit and take your time before commenting.  Hopefully next time I'll be able to tell you about how we are working to incorporate your feedback.



Applications Processor and DSP Selection Tool MCU Selection Tool

  • The MCU selection tool is good, the only problem is the Export to Spreadsheet function does not work; it connects to and asks for login details (user name/password).

  • Good Day Derek, the export to spreadsheet function has been rectified. Thank you for reporting and do feel free to comment on any other issues and or recommendations in how to update the tool to serve you better.

  • I disappointed to see I can't use any of TI's selection tools anymore without flash.  I use many older systems in my work including linux and chose not to use flash.  In my work I use many TI processors and need to be able to select them.  Please provide an option for those of us that don't and won't use flash.

  • Mark,

    You can still use our parametric search tools at any of our product pages, and you can also view our printed brochures  as pdf files whenever you like from any of the product pages.  We usually update these 4 times a year.

    Sorry for the late response.

  • Would be helpful to ad a status: ACTIVE/PREVIEW and availability: stk/lead

  • (BUG in MCU Selector..?)

    The filter for 'I2S' doesn't seem to work properly;

    I pull up lots of Stellaris parts, turn it on/off,

    and the same number of found parts remains.

    Opening and searching a Stellaris data sheet

    also says nothing about I2S or "sound."

  • Thanks for your input, we will take a look

  • Hello Phillip,

    The LCD selector button fails to eliminate the non-LCD equipped parts. Please have that fixed.



  • From the DaVinci selector tool I am choosing PCI as my peripheral and am getting the DM641 as an option.  However it appears that the DM641 can not support PCI but the DM642, DM647 can.  These also show up.

    I think you might need to change the selector such that the DM641 does not show up with PCI selected?


  • Bill

    We are processing this change-good catch


  • Hi

    after i find msp430f5510 click to link ( display - page not found.

  • hello,

    I was looking at the MSP320F5525 series USB microcontroller. I would like to obtain some samples. But the product page did not have any link to samples. Is there any other way by which i can obtain samples of the MSP430F5525 MUC?

    thanks in advance,


  • Hello MSP430 Guys:

    When using the MCU Selection Tool, I noticed that the MSP430FG46xx devices are not listed - why is that?

    Best regards,

    Tim Simerly

  • DAC12 filter is wrong. I am missing at least MSP430F169, 2618 and I am sure there are much more with 12bit DACs. (The old selector tool is wrong also).


  • I like your new selection tool very much and judging by the comments it is already being well used.  I very much appreciate all the different methods and ways you folks work out to make your products more accessible to your customers.  Thanks!