Your Vote - Most Helpful E2E Thread for 2012!

Have an E2E forum thread that you found most helpful for 2012? This can be one you participated in or a completely different forum thread where you found vital information but didn't directly participate in. Let us know your vote for most helpful E2E forum thread for 2012 and note we will be holding a drawing at the end of the month to give away an eStore coupon (drawing based on all vote entries that leave a blog comment with their most helpful E2E forum thread).

To Enter and Vote - Between November 1-30:

  • Leave a blog comment below with a link to the E2E forum thread you found most helpful for 2012
  • If you have multiple forum threads that were most helpful you can include as many as you want to. Just put a link to each E2E forum thread you found most helpful in that case
  • For your reference our external forum site map can be found (here)
eStore Coupon Drawing:
  • We will be doing a drawing of all votes at the end of the month and one winner will receive an eStore coupon as a thanks for participating in this vote!