Meet the TI E2E Gurus - Aarti Goyle

Next in our TI E2E Guru series and primarily active in the Code Composer Studio forum and the TI C/C++ Compiler forum is Aarti Goyle, Software Tools Applications.

Describe your role at Texas Instruments and your history in working with the E2E community?

I work as a Tools Applications Engineer in the Software Development Organization. The role involves supporting customers, developing and providing training and providing product feedback to the development teams. I have been working with E2E almost since its inception. I feel it is great tool for collaboration, for reaching out to a large audience, and for gathering customer feedback to help improve the quality of our products.

What forums on E2E are you most active in and any tips for community members in either asking questions in them or searching for answers?

I am active in the Code Composer Studio and Compiler forums. Tips for community members would be to refer to “Forum Usage Guidelines” prior to posting to the forums (there are guidelines posted in both CCS and Compiler forums) to help us respond more quickly. Also would highly recommend searching the forums and Embedded Processor wiki to see if the question has already been answered.

For anyone new or starting out with areas your forums cover what resources or advice would you give them)?

Links to resources are available on the main forum page for both CCS and Compiler forums

Any quick tips you want to share for other community members?

Search before posting! There are a lot of answers on the forums and wikis and most times it is worth the time to search before posting a question. And feel free to help answer other’s questions as well. We’ve had a few customers jump in and provide great answers in both CCS and Compiler forums and it would be great to see more of this type of community involvement!

Your advice for others trying to reach E2E Guru status?

I would say to just be active and involved on the forums to whatever extent possible, and sooner or later you will get there.