Meet the TI E2E Gurus - Don Dapkus

Today in our Meet the TI E2E Guru Series is Don Dapkus, Applications Engineering Manager, Home Audio Amplifier, who is active across all audio E2E forums including the Audio Amplifiers Forum & Audio Converters Forum.

Describe your role at Texas Instruments and your history in working with the E2E community?

I am the Applications Engineering Manager for our Home Audio Products, and I have been involved in E2E since its inception.

What was the last book or film you read or saw that inspired you and that you would recommend to others?

Rogue Warrior by Richard Marcinko about the history of Seal Team Six. It’s very interesting about organizational momentum and how to drive change. And, it’s got the requisite explosions, car chases, and shootin’!

What forums on E2E are you most active in and any tips for community members in either asking questions in them or searching for answers?

All things Audio! The devices my team supports span three different forums.

For anyone new or starting out with areas your forums cover what resources or advice would you give them?

Don’t be afraid to jump in and comment on threads. I am very disappointed that we don’t have more community involvement in the Audio forums. Audio is why we all spent all those late nights at University studying EE while the other students were out partying, right?!?

Any recent forum threads especially helpful you want to point out to community members?

We capture common questions in the Design Notes section.

Any quick tips you want to share for other community members?

Nothing that most of the other Guru’s haven’t already said – search, search, search, and include ALL pertinent details in your post – schematic, layout, software settings, operating conditions, etc.

Any favorite E2E stories, threads or Blog posts?

The Signal by Bruce Trump is AWESOME! Bruce is a gem that I am honored to have the opportunity to work with.

Now that you’ve made it to the top level at E2E, if you were given the opportunity gain one more level and rise up to another status, what would you pick?

Evil Mastermind