E2E Community Members of the Month - June 2014

Each and every day, engineers from around the world help each other, collaborate and share solutions on the TI E2E Community. The help and solutions you might find here in many cases won't be limited to only coming from Texas Instrument teams. For June 2014, we once again recognize the top and rising E2E Community Members who have helped others and shared solutions for the previous month. Their passion for helping others and sharing solutions helps to make E2E the rich, global and diverse community that it is.

For the previous month these top users sharing solutions and collaborating with others across the following E2E Forums:
Battery Management Gas GaugeC2000Code Composer StudioDM3x DaVinci Video Processor ForumDM814x and AM387x Processors ForumDM816x C6A816x and AM389x Processors, MSP430, OMAP-L13x, AM1x and C674x Processors Forum, Tiva™ C Series ARM® Microcontrollers ForumZigBee®, 6LoWPAN & 802.15.4 MAC Forum

All recognized Community Members of the Month will receive exclusive items which can include new to market items, eStore coupons, Launchpads, E2E or TI collectibles and more.

Gautam Iyer (E2E Profile)

Gautam Iyer remains being once again the Community Member of the Month as he's done so far every month in 2014! As the top helper in the C2000 Forum they continue to offer in-depth solutions and collaboration including C2000 help in the Code Composer Studio Forum. You can learn more about Gautam Iyer here.

Jason Gin (E2E Profile)

This marks the 4th time that Jason Gin has been recognized as the E2E Analog Community Member of the Month in 2014. For the previous month, their constant collaboration and in-depth knowledge sharing in the Battery Management - Gas Gauge Forum was a great contribution to the E2E Community.

Renjith Thomas (E2E Profile)

As a top Design Network Member and long time frequent helper and collaborator on the E2E Community it should come as no surprise to once again see Renjith Thomas recognized as the E2E Design Network Community Member of the Month. Their help and solution sharing in the DaVinci Forums for the previous month is greatly appreciated.

Jens-Michael Gross (E2E Profile)

This marks the 3rd month in a row that Jens-Michael Gross has been the top collaborator providing in-depth solutions in the MSP430 Forum. Jens-Michael Gross has annually been the reigning E2E Community and MSP430 Community Member of the Year dating back to the start of E2E. In addition they were the first E2E Community Member to reach Guru status and also eclipse 100,000+ points (that equates to a lot of rich MSP430 knowledge shared). You can learn more about Jens-Michael Gross here.

YiKai Chen (E2E Profile)

YiKai Chen has been the E2E Wireless Connectivity Community Member of the Month since the inception of this award and honor. Once again they were the top Wireless Connectivity collaborator and helper in providing solutions primarily in the ZigBee ForumYou can learn more about YiKai Chen here.

Andy Neil (E2E Profile)

As a long-standing E2E Community Member you can't overlook not only the timely in-depth help that Andy Neil has provided over the years but the plethora of feedback that has helped to drive E2E in making it even more customer-focused and friendly (especially in the MCU Forums). Thanks Mr. Neil for over the years being a constant source of support, collaboration and true "Top Helper" for fellow E2E Community Members!

Serge A (E2E Profile)

A new force has entered the MSP430 Forum known as Serge A who for the last weeks especially has been graciously helping out MSP430 users from around the world with robust and timely solutions.

Stephen Power (E2E Profile)

Whether helping E2E Community Members in the Precision Amplifiers or Precision Data Converters Forum, Stephen Power, has provided many in-depth contributions on the E2E. Not to mention their in-depth and insightful comments on the Analog E2E Blogs in the TI Precision Designs Hub (example) and On Board with Bonnie (example) that many return to regularly re-read and refer back to.