Getting a login error with Firefox? Read on

Getting a login error when trying to login with the Firefox Browser?

We have reports and have seen TI Community Members have issues when attempting to login to E2E (or other properties) using their myTI credentials. The myTI team is currently reviewing and looking for a fix.

In the interim please use the below workaround if you are using Firefox to gain access to E2E or any property that uses myTI.

When you get the error message, go to Firefox Options/Settings (click in the top right as shown below):

Then under General:

Go to the option: "When Firefox starts:"

Then select the option: "Show my windows and tabs from last time"

Once you have saved that, then follow the remaining steps below:

  • Close the Firefox browser and open new one. Then this page is auto reloaded and ask for myTI password
  • Enter the password and close the Firefox browser
  • Then open new Firefox browser and you should be able to login