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  • Meet the TI E2E Community - YiKai Chen

    Meet fellow TI E2E Community Member YiKai Chen who is the Technical Manager from Climax Technology Co., LTD . YiKai Chen is one of the elite TI E2E Community Members that have reached Guru Status. YiKai has done this largely in our Wireless Connectivity...
  • Introducing the TI E2E Gurus

    We know that you're all here because of a common passion for engineering and a desire to not only get your design and support questions answered, but also to answer any questions your fellow designers may have, too. You need nothing more than a simple...
  • Are You Engineer Enough for the E2E Challenge?

    Congratulations goes to our new E2E Champions: 1. Tom Hendrick 2. Balaji Chellappa Tie for 3. Stellaris Peggy and Prabhakar Lad Thank you to everyone that played! The Challenge is now over....for now --------------------------------...
  • The TI E2E Community Redesign - Yes! This is your E2E!

    Well, we’ve gone and done it. Today we launched our redesigned TI E2E community . This effort is focused on streamlining navigation and making it easier for you to find the answers to your design support questions. With nearly five years into this...
  • E2E has eclipsed the 50,000 member mark

    Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got some exciting news. After its humble beginning three years ago, the E2E community has now eclipsed the 50,000 member mark. This fact has several implications, namely: More members = more collective knowledge...
  • Meet the TI E2E Community - Gautam G. Iyer

    Whether he is drawing inspiration from James Bond or Leo Tolstoy , playing guitar or Badminton or working to develop a S-pen based app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you will often also find Gautam G. Iyer , Sr. Embedded Engineer (R&D), helping other...
  • Welcome to the TI E2E Blog!

    Hi everybody, and welcome to the new TI E2E Community blog, your one-stop shop for the latest and greatest E2E news. Let's be honest, E2E is a massive entity, stocked with loads and loads of information, from support forums to blogs to videos. It...
  • NOW SHOWING: E2E Video Success Stories starring.............Jens-Michael Gross

    by Scott Roller, Vice-President and General Manager, Texas Instruments Microcontroller (MCU) business Over the past five years I have watched the TI E2E Community grow and become a central part of how we support our customers. I often go through...
  • Your Vote - Most Helpful E2E Forum for 2012!

    What E2E forum did you find as the most helpful for 2012? This can be a forum you directly participated in or a completely different forum where you found vital information but didn't participate. Let us know your vote for most helpful E2E forum...
  • Meet the TI E2E Community - Markel Robregado

    Meet Markel Robregado a Computer Engineer from the Philippines who loves war and action movies like Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan . Currently on the TI E2E Community these days you can find them helping out others across the Tiva™ ARM®...
  • Answer Question #1 - E2E Challenge

    E2E Challengers post your answer to question 1 below in the comments section. (don't worry your answer won't show until after the contest is over!) If you have no idea what I'm talking about check out the rules to play here !
  • Most Active Analog E2E Threads - November 4-10

    The following represents the most active Analog E2E threads for the week of November 4-10. 1) Precision Data Converters Forum Thread: ADS8329 Voltage sequencing VA and VBD 12 Contributions 2) SIMPLE SWITCHER® Forum Thread: LM2578 buck boost...
  • The TI E2E Gurus: An MSP430 "mystery"

    After yesterday's post on Jens-Michael Gross, the first Guru on E2E, we continue our celebration of members who have reached Guru status today with an enigmatic character. He'd prefer not to have his picture or last name published here (in fact, in...
  • Meet the TI E2E Community - Gunay Turan

    Hailing from Turkey meet TI E2E Community Member Günay Turan who while relatively new to the community has already helped tons of other Community Members in the MSP430 Forum . Read on to learn about their background, how they heard about E2E, tips...
  • Fridays' Favorite September 6 - LaunchPad for the cost-conscious Tiva in you

    Remember this? Dateline: June 19, 2013 . Every Friday for the next few months, we’ll highlight one of 12 of the most popular EVMs filling shopping carts in the eStore. To make your selection process even easier, we’ll compile useful bits...
  • Fridays' Favorites July 5 - Debug in a flash with the MSP-FET430UIF

    Fantastic. It’s a summer’s day and we’ve got a hot pick sizzling in this week’s Fridays’ Favorites, where we highlight one of the most popular development tools and demonstrations boards flying off the virtual shelves...
  • Meet the TI E2E Community - Andreas von Känel

    Meet Andreas von Känel who is an Embedded SW Engineer with a passion for helping and learning from others on the C2000 32-bit Microcontrollers Forum . Read on to hear Andreas provide advice for others on E2E, go into detail on their background as...
  • Welcome to FRIDAYS' FAVORITES! Customers' top EVM picks from the TI eStore

    It’s the end of the week and you are going through this past week’s To Do list possibly wondering what you can realistically push to Monday and also wondering where did the hours go this past week (other than meetings??). Maybe there is a...
  • Most Active Code Composer Studio E2E Threads - November 18-24

    The following represents the most active Code Composer Studio E2E threads for the week of November 18-24. 1) importing CCS3.3 project to CCSv5.2 : reopened imported projects are improper 15 Contributions 2) How To - GUI Composer? 11 Contributions...
  • Fridays' Favorites August 23 - Tag, your smart phone app is It with the SensorTag development kit

    The weekend is closer than you think what with all this information to read about the latest Fridays' Favorite, as well as catching up on what you may have missed. Time will just fly! Pretty soon, you'll be sipping a lemonade while you tinker...
  • Fridays' Favorites June 28 - 430BOOST-SENSE1 has the touch

    Whew. It's Friday. And welcome (or welcome back) to Fridays' Favorites, where we take time out on our favorite day of the week to highlight one of the most popular development tools and demonstration boards filling shopping carts in the...
  • Fridays' Favorite August 9 - CC2540 USB empowers your PC with Bluetooth low energy

    You're back! I know. Routine is important and, along with daydreaming about weekend events -- DIY or otherwise -- you remembered to Subscribe to Learn E2E for your weekly dose of Fridays' Favorites. Or you got here through one of our craftily...
  • Old Cow Yellow: a Guru of few words, but one of great knowledge

    This week, we've had the opportunity to meet and get a little more information from the TI E2E Gurus, the folks who have reached the uppermost level of recognition here on the community and are continuously proving what makes this place so special. If...
  • Answer Question #2 - E2E Challenge

    E2E Challengers post your answer to question 2 below in the comments section. (don't worry your answer won't show until after the contest is over!) If you have no idea what I'm talking about check out the rules to play here !
  • Most Active Analog E2E Threads - January 13-January 19

    The following represents the most active Analog E2E threads for the week of January 13-January 19. ( Digest ) 1) USB To GPIO EVM - pin 1 orientation WEBENCH® Design Center Tools Other Forum Thread 23 Contributions 2) AFE7222 clock input level...