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TI Products & Counterfeit Prevention

It can sometimes be difficult to validate the authenticity of an official Texas Instruments product. Therefore, when seeking technical support and referring to TI products on the TI E2E Community we kindly ask that you use the following "verification check" to ensure the validity of your TI parts. By performing the following "verification check" it will help to ensure an accurate response to your questions.


Texas Instruments Product Verification Check

Verification of part authentication must be worked through your supply chain due to uncertainties regarding chain of custody of the products.  Please be aware that the quality of the parts might be suspect if not received directly from TI or a TI authorized distributor.  This can be due to decreased floor life (devices out of the moisture barrier bag), pre-usage of the parts, wrong storage procedures, mishandling, etc.  TI strongly encourages you to purchase all your TI parts either directly from TI or from authorized TI distributors (http://focus.ti.com/docs/general/distribcountryresults.jhtml) and not from the gray market or brokers.


- TI E2E Community Team

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  • Mr. Flanders,

    You are correct that it can sometimes be difficult to validate the authenticity of an official Texas Instruments product.  I certainly agree that purchasing from TI directly or Authorized Distribution is a recommended supply chain solution, however, in regard to the majority of our customers, many are pushed into the alternative supply chain options due to obsolescence and the high cost of redesign.  There will always be a place for a trusted independent distributor in the supply chain.  Unfortunately, there are many "Brokers" in the industry that ruin the reputation of the open market by failing to put the appropriate measures in place to secure and protect the supply chain from the proliferation of counterfeit parts.  

    There are many Independent Distributors that function in a hybrid environment.  They, like World Micro, carry many franchise lines as a point of preference, but are forced into Open Market sourcing my necessity.   That is why many of us have achieved and maintain reputations as strong voices of influence and authority in the fight against suspect counterfeit and non-conforming parts.

    ERAI & IDEA have been on the front-lines of Counterfeit prevention for years and World Micro has been instrumental in adding value to the conversation and all levels of the supply chain, including Aerospace & Defense.  What options and support can Independent Distributors receive from Texas Instruments and the manufacturing community to continue to support our customer's critical supply chain needs.

    I appreciate you and Texas Instruments for taking a proactive stance in helping the industry as a whole to mitigate the risks associated with non-conforming and suspect parts.  We would value your feedback and input in how we, in the Independent Distribution market, can fulfill the two-fold mission of protecting our customer's supply chain while also protecting the brand stability of manufacturer's like Texas Instruments.

    Warm regards,

    Chris Brooks

    Director of Quality

    World Micro, Inc.