How to post my blog in TI's E2E

In, I can not find way post my blog, only browse blog from other contributor. why ?

  • Robin,

    I believe writing of blogs, currently is only supported for TI employees only.

    Have look at this link , question no 12.

    1. Why are there points for adding a new blog post, when I can’t even add a new blog post?
      • The ability to add new blog posts are permitted to blog owners only. Currently all blog owners are TI employees. However, we do plan to allow members of the TI E2E Community to add their own unique blog posts in the future.


    --Prabhakar Lad

  • In reply to Prabhakar Lad:

    You are right, at this time blogging is only authorized for TI employees.

    The reason that is shows up under the ranking points system is we do have the ability to grant community users the ability to blog, should we desire,  We have been reaching out to people to guest blog on our site.

    An example of this is the "Embedded Insights Question of the Week" with guest blogger Robert Cravotta

    He gets points as a community member when he posts a blog.



    Foe - Texas Instruments WW Community Program Manager