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I posted a question, and later, a reply was posted that somehow became a "Suggested Answer".  Now, when one quickly scans the listing of threads at the top of the specific forum (say, "Proprietary Sub 1Ghz...") , that question's thread appears to have an answer (or at least a potential answer).

However, the reply that identified as the "Suggested Answer" does not really answer my question. So I tried to "Reject" it (no offense!) , specifically because I hoped my thread would no longer appear to have an answer, but the website keeps restoring the "Suggested Answer" state.

So, how is this scheme supposed to work?


  • The website does not automatically restore the suggested answer state so we can examine the thread. The delay could be related to our daily updates to the tables for the filtering views.

    Chinh, WW Community Program Manager

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    I guess I can see this "Answer" functionality getting at least a little tedious for the admins, but it seems to me that the OP should have the right to un-Verify or un-Suggest an answer (it was his question afterall) - and without delay (the delay is quite upsetting in the modern-day, web experience!)


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    I was reading this thread: and the answer is wrong. How can I help get a green box around the right answer and vote down the wrong answer?
  • In reply to Salvatorre:

    hello Salvatorre,
    Thank you for providing this feedback on this forum, because this is indeed the right place to have a discussion about these e2e features :) Only the OP (Original poster) of the thread (the person that started the thread: For the thread in question its the user "eyalasko") has the permission to mark which answer(s) resolved their question(s) and put a "green box" around those posts/replies/answers. This is what a user should do, when they are not the OP, but want to suggest something as an answer:
    1. Replying to that thread and point out the post/reply that actually answered your question. This is actually what you did and it was the right thing to do
    2. Additionally, you could have checked the "Suggest as answer" checkbox that you see when you hit the "reply" button and then it appears right next to the "reply" button. This puts a "yellow box" around your reply to tell other users that the content of your post has a potential answer (or is pointing to another thread with the answer) to this thread. Please note that as a community member, you are only shown this "suggest as answer" checkbox while you are replying and will not be an option after you have already replied. You would have to create a new post/reply on the thread to see the checkbox again.

    For now, I will suggest Andrei, Amit and your replies on this thread as answers and put a yellow box around those to highlight those posts. Since I am not the OP (and also not an e2e admin), I actually cannot put a green box around those replies.

    Lastly, thank you again for caring about using these features to make our search stronger/more relevant and highlighting the right responses so other users can benefit from it.
    Hope this helps answer your question!