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TI-89 Titanium connecting issues on Mac.

Hello There, I am hoping that you will be able to assist me with a problem that, I am currently having. I just bought TI-89 Titanium calculator for school and I was excited when heard that, I could transfer files from computer to the calculator. Spoiler Alert I was not able to do that. I have a  macOS Sierra which is Macintosh version 10.12.3.

I have installed TI Connect current version(4) Software For Macintosh and I tried to connect my calculator to my Mac For some reason, My Mac comes up with the message "Device Can Not Detected". I've tried everything: I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software, updated my computer and checked EVERYTHING, but the calculator won't connect to my Mac. 

I have googled this issue on the web and I notice that IT'S NOT ONLY ME WHO IS HAVING THIS ISSUE, there are many, in fact all MacBook users (60 Million Mac users), who have TI calculator can't connect their calculators to their Mac, which is Absurd.

I know you will say Texas Instruments has last updated TI-Calculators to work with Macintosh 10.6.4 OS and will continue developing latest version. However, you been saying this for ages, nearly 7 years has passed since the Macintosh 10.6.4 OS released but we haven't seen any update from TI regarding to make the TI- calculators capable of MacOS devices. By the way TI will lose 60 Million Costumers! if the Developers team can't handle simple task.

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