LAUNCHXL-CC1310: TI E2E Forum Thread Creation: "Part Number LAUNCHXL-CC1310 not recognized"

Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC1310


When I create a thread and type "cc1310" or "launchxl" into the Part number field then select LAUNCHXL-CC1310 from the suggestion dropdown, when I defocus the field, the form validator says 'Part Number "LAUNCHXL-CC1310" not recognised.'

If I type something else that lists LAUNCHXL-CC1310 in the suggestion dropdown (eg 'launchxl-' ) and select it, the validator is happy and I can post.

See Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

I am using Firefox 50.0.2 for Linux.

I know this is the wrong forum for this, but I couldn't find any forum for forum issues, and after selecting LAUNCHXL-CC1310 and "My issue is not related to any of the above" this forum is the only option made available to me.