Selecting a Part Number from the Entry Box

When I'm on this web page on your site:

I can select a TMS320F28377S from the devices (it actually appears in the list and I can choose it from the list).  When I then click away from that entry box (can't just press ENTER), I get this message:

Part number "TMS320F28377S" not recognized.

Not very friendly...

  • Went back to that same page. I found out that the error occurs if ANY device is selected from the dropdown list and then you click away from that entry box, but the entry box works OK if the full part number is entered by me.
  • In reply to Robert Paehr:

    Hi Robert -

    Thanks for making us aware of this issue. We had previously put in a fix for this, but it seems to have returned. I was able to duplicate the error you are seeing.

    We will be filing a bug on this and it should get fixed soon.

    Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!


    John Walker
    Online Support - Systems & Tools
    Texas Instruments, Inc.