Is there a way to have my threads from several accounts from several email addresses to be attached to my account?

I have worked as a consultant and an employee for a number of companies and have made many posts using several different email accounts over the years.  I find it useful to check out the answers to past posts when working with the same parts for a new company.  However it is hard for me to remember all the posts so I can look them up.

Is there a way to have my past posts be somehow attached to this account so I can easily just use the my posts tool to review previous posts and answers to them, if I supply the old email addresses for my previous accounts on E2E?

  • Hi Mike,

    If you supply to me the old email addresses associated to the old accounts what I can do is delete the old accounts and assign ownership of the old accounts posts to your newest account.

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    That sounds good. This will help me to review answers from previous jobs regarding problems I conquered and CCS setup I needed because my eyes are bad and I had to deal with better contrast screen coloring.

    The email addresses are:

    Thanks for your help.


    Mike Fontes
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    This is now complete. It may take a little time for the network cache to reflect the change.