Adding files to posts makes the editor unusable

When adding a file to a post I get a ridiculously big image. It covers my whole editor field. This has been there for a long time.

Browser: Chrome 61 on Windows 7.

Also: Which JIRA project can I file such bugs in order to monitor the progress?

Best regards


  • Thanks, this is a known problem and a resolution is being worked on. There is no JIRA ticket, as it is a ticket with Telligent.
  • HI Richard,

    A quick workaround for this problem I've found is to:

    1. Click the paperclip icon to attach a file.
    2. Choose your file and hit insert.
    3. Right click on the giant icon and select Edit Media.
    4. For dimensions, enter 75x75 (or 25x25 for a really small icon) and click insert.
    5. The icon should resize.

    Similarly, you can use the Insert/Edit Media button instead of the paperclip button. Using that, you can enter the 75x75 (or 25x25) dimensions right away and not have to edit the huge icon.